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When website users leave comments or messages on the website, we may collect the information in the comment form, as well as the user’s IP address and browser version information to facilitate the identification of spam messages. When visitors leave a comment/send a message to this site, we may collect the information that is visible in the comment fields, the IP address and information related to the browser version. The anonymized hash created from the email address can be sent to the Gravatar service in order to know if the commenter is a user of the service. The Privacy Policy for the Gravatar service can be found at


If you leave a comment on the site, you can choose to save the name, email address and url address in a cookie. This function increases the convenience of use, because you do not have to fill out the form again every time you add a comment. Cookie information is deleted from the browser after one year.

Embedded content from other websites

Articles on this site may contain embedded content (for example, videos, images, articles, etc.). Opening embedded content imported from other sites is comparable to the visitor visiting a third-party site. These sites may collect information about you, use cookies, embed third-party tracking cookies, and monitor your interaction with the embedded content, including tracking your interaction if and when you are logged in as a user to the site.

How long we retain your data

If you leave a comment or send a message, the comment and its metadata will be stored indefinitely.

What rights you have over your data and what are they used for

the register may contain the personal data you provide.

The information can be used to manage the customer relationship and the order transaction. The information is not used for an unnecessary purpose and is not shared with third parties. Register Administrator and contact person: Niko Remes. If you have any questions or need to change the information, please contact me.